May 21, 2009

Kauffman Stadium - Kansas City, MO

Recently, I went to see the Kansas City Royals play against the Cleveland Indians in the Royals' 37th season at Kauffman Stadium. Kauffman Stadium or "The K" has recently undergone some amazing renovations. And with the Royals starting to actually win games, there have been a lot more people in the stands to enjoy the new and improved home of the team.

The $250 million renovation broke ground on October 3, 2007 but the final game of the old stadium wasn't played until September of last year. This is the first season fans can enjoy new ammenities like the high definition scoreboard and the 150-seat restaurant Rivals Sports Bar. If you don't want to watch the game, there are certainly some amazing attractions to catch your eye. Such as the 322-foot-wide water spectacular - the largest privately funded fountain in the world!

I had a great time with my family watching the game. And what a good game it was! We finally left around the end of the eighth inning when it looked like the Royals were going to lose 5-2. But as we are driving home, we hear on the radio that the Royals have scored back to back homeruns! The score is now 5-4! We listen in shock how at the bottom of the ninth, the Royals score a total of four runs to win the game 6-5! Amazing!

Total Trip Time: 3 hours

Total Travel Distance: 31 miles

Soundtrack: 610 Sports Radio



  1. Sounds fun!. I had the same kind of thing happen once at a hockey game. The hone team was losing 6 -- 2 with about 10 minutes left in the third period. We left and lsitened to them roar back to victory on the car radio!

  2. KC Royals should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. I really like them; they’ve always been my favourite teams in MLB. Just read about them here: