August 26, 2010

Weaver’s Window – Lawrence, KS

It may not be a permanent roadside attraction, but if you picked up the Lawrence Journal World on Tuesday morning and read the headline, then you know the Weaver’s display window at 9th and Massachusetts is certainly a strange sight at the moment. At about 7:30am on Monday, a deer crashed through the Weaver’s window. That’s right. A deer.

According to the Lawrence Journal-World, a six point buck was making a mad dash down Downtown Lawrence’s main street, when it seems he was distracted by the women’s lingerie in Weaver’s window. Whether it was the brassieres or panties that caught his attention, we may never know but next thing you know he was crashing through the glass and taking out the sales display.

Apparently not content with this bit of destruction, the buck continued to run through Lawrence. He made it about nine more blocks to 8th and Alabama where he hung around a fenced back yard for about 20 minutes. That’s where authorities caught up with him. The deer was bleeding from the glass and seems to have broken one of his antlers, but despite his injuries he wasn’t going to go quietly. The deer escaped and took off north. The authorities decided not to pursue because it was apparent the deer posed no more threat to anyone and was not too badly hurt.

It is not uncommon to see wild animals in Kansas, even in the more populated areas. Coyotes make a regular appearance around my parents’ home in Leawood. Last year, I had to stop in the middle of the road to make way for a young coyote playing in the street. But this may be the strangest animal encounter I’ve heard of since I moved to Kansas.

Photo from the Lawrence Journal-World.


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