September 28, 2010

96.5 Buzz Beachball Festival - Bonner Springs, KS

I rarely listen to the radio when I'm in the car. I usually have a new playlist or CD to listen to when I'm driving. That's probably why I didn't hear about the 96.5 The Buzz Beach Ball festival until the last minute. The lineup for this mini-festival includes: Smashing Pumpkins, Anberlin, Limosines, Civil Twilight, AM Taxi, the Beautiful Bodies, A Silent Film and Six Percent. But none could have made me leave the comfort of my home and drive through the perpetual traffic jam on I-70 except for...(drum roll, please)...Cake!

I was late to the Cake party because I didn't start listening to them until after college, though this alternative rock band has been around since the 1990's. But once I started listening to them, I was hooked. So when I heard they were playing at Buzz Beachball, I paid for my overpriced ticket (and my equally overpriced parking pass), queued up the Cake albums on my iPod, and hit the road!

The crowd at Buzz Beachball ranged from the very drunk preople from small towns, the indie/alternatives showing their piercings and tattoos, teen girls sneaking alcohol, and the occassional thirteen year old who had probably been dropped off by his mom. Luckily, most of the less-than-devoted crowd had been driven away by the bad weather. It wasn't the ideal weather for an outdoor concert. It was the coldest night we have had yet and after an afternoon of rain, it was dark, damp, and cold. It actually made me a little concerned I had only just recovered from allergies to put myself in the perfect situation to catch a cold.

But I forgot all about that when people started screaming and in the dark I could see Cake taking the stage. They opened with "Comfort Eagle," a great song. The lyrics, "We are building a religion," captured my mood as I stopped feeling cold and forgot that I had to keep wiping my nose on my hoodie sleeve because I forgot tissues. Because I was seeking Cake live. And they were awesome. We were building a religion of Cake fandom!

They played some music from their upcoming album that drops 1/11/11, and, as always, it sounds great. Which once again proves that Cake will always continue to produce great music (even if Comfort Eagle will always be my favorite Cake album).

In honor of this amazing musical experience, I though I would share my top five Cake songs for road trips. But if you're also a Cake fan, feel free to comment and suggest your own!
1. The Distance
2. Long Line of Cars
3. Stickshifts and Safetybelts
4. Race Car Ya-Yas
5. Satan in My Motor


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