November 18, 2010

Grand Opening of Vagabond Vestments!

Instead of a regular post today, I'm going to make a couple major announcements.

First, some amazing news! Apparently there are more of you reading this blog than I thought. The Yellow Brick Road Trip was ranked #16 on the 50 Best North American Travel Blogs! I am genuinely surprised and genuinely honored to be on the list, because there are some great blogs on there. So thank you to everyone who has been reading and I encourage you to check out the list for some other travel blogs.

My second major announcement is that I am opening Vagabond Vestments, a store for the Yellow Brick Road Trip where I will be selling handmade items to help fund my travels. I started knitting years ago, just for something to keep my hands busy while I was watching television. But eventually, my family and friends got tired of receiving knitted presents for every possible occasion. So I decided to sell my items here and use the money to continue my travels for The Yellow Brick Road Trip. Right now, I'm selling just knitted items but I enjoy other crafts - for example, I'm currently learning to cut glass - so you may see some other types of items available here soon!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading! Check out Vagabond Vestments and come back on Tuesday when I will have a post about the Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas (the home of the KU college basketball team).


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