January 6, 2011

Road Trip Music - "Light It Up!" Playlist

A new year and time for a new playlist! Many of my playlists tend to center around a theme I accidentally discover in my collection of music. This time, it was fire. As I was listening to Franz Ferdinand's "This Fire" for what must have been the ten millionth time, I realized that many of my songs have a similar focus on flames. So I decided, for my New Year's Eve adventures, to compile a playlist of burning hot music to light my way through my nighttime adventures. And now I'm pleased to share it, for those also inclined towards scorching music.

"Light It Up!" Playlist
  1. "Danger! High Voltage" Electric Six
  2. "Start the Fire" No Doubt
  3. "This Fire" Franz Ferdinand
  4. "We Didn't Start the Fire" Billy Joel
  5. "Pistol of Fire" Kings of Leon
  6. "London Calling" The Clash
  7. "Fire" Jimi Hendrix
  8. "Light My Fire" The Doors
  9. "Ring of Fire" Johnny Cash
  10. "Playing with Fire" Shannon Curfman
  11. "Smoke on the Water" Deep Purple
  12. "Ash" Murder by Death
  13. "Lake of Fire" Nirvana
  14. "The Desert is On Fire" Murder by Death
  15. "Ampersand" Amanda Palmer
  16. "Streets of Fire" The New Pornographers
  17. "Fiery Crash" Andrew Bird
  18. "Run" Snow Patrol


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