October 19, 2010

Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger - Kansas City, MO

The Kansas City Zombie Walk is a biannual charity event for the Kansas City Metropolitan Community who suffer from hunger or homelessness. Local weirdos (like myself) dress up as zombies and donate canned food, clothing and other items to participate in the walk. We all gather, donate our items and then follow a rubber brain on a stick around the Plaza while shocked and amused patrons look on. It's a great time!

For those who enjoy looking like a zombie, I made myself look undead with flour paste (just flour and water) that I painted with grease paint and fake blood. That's why my face looks so...well...zombie-like? For the more adventurous, Bess has a great zombie makeup tutorial on The Unplanned Misadventures of MirMir and Bess so be sure to check it out!

Total Time Traveled: 3 hours
Total Distance Traveled: 90 miles
Soundtrack: "Sometimes I Wonder About You" Playlist

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