October 7, 2010

Road Trip Music - "Sometimes I Wonder About You" Playlist

It's officially October, my favorite time of year! The weather starts getting cooler and crisper, the leaves start changing, and it is the one month I can dress up like a zombie and nobody looks at me funny. That's right. I dress up like a zombie. Next week, I'll be posting about my trips to local Zombie Walks in Lawrence and in Kansas City. And soon I'll be posting about my trip with my favorite tourist-ing partner Anna to Tempe, Arizona for the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Fest. So in preparation for a month of creepy road-trips, I thought I would share a creepy music playlist.

There is a story behind this playlist's name. If the fact I dress up like a zombie didn't clue you in, I'll say it now: I'm weird. I love horror movies, ghost stories, and all things slightly creepy. This has a tendency to disturb my family. One day, I was at my parents house, reading on the couch. My father came in and asked what I was reading. I showed him my book, "Stiff: The Fascinating Lives of Human Cadavers." My father stared at me for a moment before finally saying, "Sometimes I wonder about you." Then he walked away.

So I have made the "Sometimes I Wonder About You" Playlist, a soundtrack to all my creepy roadtrip adventures this month. It includes songs about mayhem, murder, zombies, and just plain freaky stuff. Because this is a rather...um, creepy?...playlist, I do not recommend it for anyone under the age of 18 and I definitely do not recommend it for anyone without a morbid sense of humor. That being said, enjoy!

"Sometimes I Wonder About You" Playlist
1. "Walk Like a Zombie" HorrorPops
2. "Devil with the Black Dress On" Jack Off Jill
3. "Missfit" HorrorPops
4. "Super Sadist" Jack Off Jill
5. "Highway55" HorrorPops
6. "In Old Yellowcake" Rasputina
7. "Hitchcock Starlet" HorrorPops
8. "The Curse of Millhaven" Nick Cave
9. "Rumbrave" Murder by Death
10. "Jack Killed Mom" Jenny Lewis
11. "Killbot2000" Murder by Death
12. "Psycho Therapy" The Ramones
13. "Eet The Children" Otep
14. "Prison Song" System of a Down
15. "Sacrilege" Otep
16. "I Wish You's Die" Betty Blowtorch
17. "T.R.I.C." Otep
18. "Mis Ann Thrope" My Ruin
19. "Menocide" Otep
20. "The Crimson" Atreyu
21. "That Crown Don't Make You a Prince" Murder By Death
22. "'O'Malley's Bar" Nick Cave
23. "'52 Ford" Murder By Death
24. "Holloway Jail" The Kinks
25. "Crazy People" The Wreckers
26. "Henry Lee" Nick Cave
27. "Down in the Willow Garden" Kristin Hersh
28. "Death is Not the End" Nick Cave


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