February 17, 2011

Lawrence Arts Center - Lawrence, KS

Lawrence is a community that doesn't just support the arts, it absolutely celebrates it! The Lawrence Arts Center is a collaboration between the city of Lawrence and members of the community who come together to support art. Recently, the Arts Center hosted a series of paintings entitled "Metamorphosis" by Susan Grace. Grace is a professional artist, living and working in Lawrence, who has been displaying her works throughout the country since 1992. But the Arts Center displays more than just paintings. They has also hosted exhibits of ceramics, mixed media, jewelry, glass, and other mediums.

The Lawrence Arts Center is about more than offering something pretty for people to look it. It also offers opportunities for members of the community to learn and grow as artists. The Arts Center offers a variety of classes - from dance and theater to new media, which includes the digital arts and media. It also offers education on visual arts including: bookmaking, ceramics, drawing, painting, jewelry/metals, mixed media, photography, printmaking and writing. There are classes for adults, families, and even youth to be sure everyone in Lawrence has the opportunity to grow and develop his or her creative talents. As part of its dedication to art education, the Lawrence Arts Center has started displaying students' works along with the professional gallery displays. It is a celebration of the artist in every person in the Lawrence community.

Recently, I was able to see my friend Mona Jurshak's work on display. Entitled "mon petit chou" (which means "my little cabbage" in French, a term of endearment similar to "my darling"), it is a display of a ceramic sculptures of brussel sprouts casted from molds. These little ceramic cabbages rest gently on little shelves mounted on the wall and form the shape of a heart beat. It really is a wonderful display, but even if you miss it then you should definitely stop by the Lawrence Arts Center to see the other professional displays and student works.

Total Time Traveled: 15 minutes
Total Distance Traveled: 6 miles
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