February 15, 2011

Road Trip Philosophy - My Top Three Dream Romantic Destinations

The Huffington Post recently posted a list of 9 legendary romantic spots worth a visit. While the list was really interesting - it included the spot where Elizabeth Bennett first rejected Mr. Darcy and the balcony of Shakespeare's Juliet - I noticed a distinct lack of a few spots that to me are incredibly romantic. Although my concept of romance may be a little skewed, as evidenced by this list. So in honor of Valentine's Day, I am happy to present my top three dream romantic destinations.

Some little girls dream of their weddings in a big white dress and a chapel filled with flowers. I've never really been one of those girls. In fact, I can't really think of anything I would want less than a wedding that takes two years to plan and costs tens of thousands of dollars. My ideal wedding would be in Las Vegas, Nevada with an Elvis conducting the ceremony. To me, it is everything a wedding should be. It is fun and intimate. It is about two people celebrating their love by having a little fun and even being a little silly. "A Elvis Chapel" is of course not the only chapel where this is an option - there are at least a dozen chapels in Vegas that offer an opportunity to be married by the King. And I suppose the sheer number of places for this opportunity show I'm not the only one who thinks romance shouldn't take itself too seriously.

Many of the sites in The Huffington Post article honor tragic love, commemorating star-crossed lovers who are doomed to never be truly together in life. But to me one of the most enduring loves was between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. After meeting Albert, Victoria wrote to her uncle Leopold to thank him "for the prospect of great happiness you have contributed to give me, in the person of dear Albert ... He possesses every quality that could be desired to render me perfectly happy." They were happily married for 21 years and had 9 children. After Albert died of typhoid, Queen Victoria plunged into mourning. For the rest of her life, she would wear black and seclude herself from the world. In honor of her husband's memory, Queen Victoria renovated the east end of the choir of St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. Prince Albert's Memorial Chapel, as it came to be known, continues to commemorate royal true love to this day.

In cinematic history, Bow Bridge has often been a site for romantic scenes such as in "The Way We Were", "Manhattan", and "Keeping the Faith". (Fun Fact: I was actually an extra in "Keeping the Faith". Although my scene was cut, I can be seen in a group photo on Jenna Elfman's dresser in another scene). It is an iconic New York City and romantic landmark. The bridge stretchs 60 feet across the Central Park lake, linking the flowers of Cherry Hill with the woodland of the Ramble. In the lake, you can see couples in paddle boats and swans - who often mate for life. Bow Bridge also offers one of the most iconic views of New York City you can find. It isn't a surprise that this one of the most popular proposal spots in the country.



  1. My husband and I renewed our vows on our 10th anniversary with the very Elvis shown in your photo at A Elvis Wedding Chapel!

  2. My friend Paul got married in Vegas by Elvis... I saw it on the streaming webcam :)

  3. I've always said I want to get married by Elvis. But I want it to be a fat Elvis. A really, really fat Elvis wearing the white jumpsuit. :)