April 22, 2009

Prairie Cutouts - Kansas City, MO

As I was driving on I435, I noticed the side of the road was lined with huge metal cutouts of prarie scenes. There were buffalo, rugged cowboys on horseback and women tending to a campfire. It was an interesting pastoral image in contrast to the rushing traffic of a busy interstate.

I've searched the internet trying to find out their historical significance, or at least who built them. but I can't seem to find anything out about them. So all I can tell you is they are located off I435, Exit 69. What they are doing there is anybody's guess.

On a side note, I should caution other people from stopping their cars on the interstate to take pictures. Not necessarily because of traffic, but because of the things you find on the side of the road. Broken beer bottles, a hubcap, children's clothing, beer cans, broken liquor bottles, empty cartons of cigarettes and fast food containers...but most importantly the wildlife. Screaming and jumping back after almost stepping on a lizard is not smart to do near speeding traffic. Nope, not smart at all.

Total Trip Time: 15 minutes
Total Travel Distance: 9 miles
Soundtrack: "Kiss Kiss Kill Kill" - HorrorPops

1 comment:

  1. Very cool cut outs.

    And a neat little mystery.

    Wonder if it'll ever get solved...?