April 1, 2009

Wild Boar Wishing Fountain - Kansas City, Missouri

In the Plaza of Kansas City, Missouri is a really odd wishing fountain - a wild boar. People shopping or wandering around can drop in coins and rub the nose of the boar for good luck - apparently many people do because the bronze statue's nose has been rubbed until it is golden.

The fountain is a copy of a Greek marble statue at the entrance to the straw market in Florence, Italy. Coins are dropped into the fountain in Italy for the benefit of children. Kansas City has adopted the charitable tradition as well as the statue. Coins from the fountain are given to the Children of Mercy Hospital.

Still, as altruistic and artistic as the fountain may be - why is there a wild boar in the middle of a city shopping center? Really? Why?

Also, looking at the fountain itself you start to notice more and more things that just don't seem right about it or at least don't scream "Help the little children." For example, the ...ahem... genitals of the boar are prominently displayed. The boar is also surrounded by a number of other little creatures - toads, frogs, crabs, snails, turtles and snakes. Apparently, they do not share the good will of the fountain's patrons because in at least one case a snake is eating a frog. I don't get how a demonstration of natural selection helps sick children.

I wonder if anyone has ever raised these similar issues in Florence?

Total Trip Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Distance Traveled: 20 miles
Soundtrack: "Le Red Soul Comunnitte" Tokyo Sex Destruction


  1. Your blog is awesome! I still believe that one day you're going to have your own show or be a major published travel writer, or both. You'll look back and remember that I told you so! :D

  2. @Girl: I promise if I ever get a travel show, I'll bring you on for a special roadtrip to San Quentin State Prison. :)