March 31, 2009

Vote Yellow Brick Road Trip!

Remember that video I made from my trip to the Glore Psychiatric Museum? Well, it is currently posted on as part of a blog video contest!

Watch my video here!

Go visit the site and rate my video or leave a comment! Help me rack up some stars!


  1. You got my vote. May i ask? As a Scot, do you say "Rabbits" on the first of every month.

  2. I always heard you should say "Rabbits" three times for good luck first thing in the morning on the first day of a month. Usually I don't remember what day it is when I wake up, but today I actually did do it! I didn't know that was a Scottish tradition! I just heard it somewhere.

  3. That's funny. I suspect there are a few "say Rabbits" traditions. Usually when I wake up, I say something like "Groannnnn"

    Good luck with tonight's event.