March 21, 2009

The Celtic Ranch - Weston, MO

As Anna and I drove to St. Joseph, we passed a giant billboard for "The Celtic Ranch." We are both huge fans of Celtic culture and it seemed like an interesting detour. So on our way back, we decided to follow the signs to Weston, Missouri. We drove for several miles down a twisting two lane highway before we came to Main Street in downtown Weston where we found The Celtic Ranch.

It was not a ranch. Not by a long shot. In fact, it looked like the gift shop for the Celtic Ranch. The windows were full of St. Patrick's Day decoration and merchandise from leprechauns to four leaf clovers. We decided to go in and see what the Celtic Ranch was if it wasn't a ranch. The answer? A really cool gift shop. There was the usual cheap, green plastic merchandise but it was overshadowed by the works of artisans and craftsman. There were hand-made leather cuffs, silver pocket watches and even kilts available for rental or purchase. There were books of history and myth for both adults and children and several small capitulations to the Scottish (Slainte Mhor, suckers!) in the predominantly Irish establishment.

There is also a very nice cafe attached to the shop. I went to buy myself a coffee but was immediately distracted by free cake. Free cake! It was the shop owner's birthday and we were lucky enough to celebrate with them, if only by taking some of their cake.

We looked around Weston's main street for a little while after that, but there wasn't much to see. There were almost only antique shops and places to drink. I went into the Country Store to try and find a pack of cigarettes, but apparently "Country Store" means "Liquor Store with Fully Stocked Bar in the Back." I think daily life in Weston consists entirely of getting drunk and buying old things.


  1. OMG does that little package really say "Irish Dirt" ?? classic...