March 28, 2009

Roadtrip Memories - Remembering the Glore Psychiatric Museum while Snowed In

I'm snowed in! Today I was going on a yellow brick roadtrip to Planet Comic, the comic book convention in Overland Park, Kansas. But I didn't make it a full block before my car was skidding off the road. Don't get me wrong, several years in Chicago made me a great driver even in snow and ice. But this was just ridiculous! After a few minutes weighing my own mortality against meeting the Playmate who was the model for Red Sonja, I decided it was better to spend the day with comic book, a cup of coffee and reminiscing about past trips.

So I share with you a trippy little video I made from photographs of the Glore Psychiatric Museum, and in doing so discovered the proper use for techno music!

Enjoy everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to shovel my car out tomorrow.

SNOWED IN UPDATE: I tried to leave my house again to meet up with some friends. Last time I made it almost a block before the snow got too bad. Well this time I didn't make it out of the driveway! Yup, my car got stuck in the snow only a few feet after I pulled out of the garage. Looks like I'm not going anywhere for a while! But don't worry, I'll still be updating!


  1. Kris,

    It's wonderful that... those dummies are bit creepy though! ;)

    I thought that I had subscribed to your blog already... anyway, I have now so your posts will go directly to my mail.

    take care & we'll speak again soon. Shane.

  2. Cool! The upbeat music keeps me moving!