March 13, 2009

Toto's Tacoz and Emerald City Market - Wamego, KS

There is only one option for lunch in Wamego - Toto's Tacoz! It is next door to the Oz Museum and its called Toto's Tacoz! If I have to explain why that is incredibly awesome to you then I pity your lack of whimsy. The name alone was brilliant enough to make me overlook my hatred of intentional misspellings in signage. (A side note: Spelling "crazy" with a "k" does not make you or your business clever, it makes you illiterate.)

It was more expensive then Taco Bell and I'm not sure if it was as good, but I did enjoy my beef taco. Once I found the beef under all the garnish that is. As my friend Kelly noticed, it was pretty much a salad on top of a taco with the actual ingredients buried somewhere underneath.

After a consuming our much needed vittles and enjoying the museum, we started to wander down Lincoln Street to see what other Oz-themed entertainment we could find. There was the Poppyfield Gallery, where we looked at the paintings created by local artists and a large collection of quarters. Interestingly, there is a law office above the gallery and we suspect the same man runs them both. There was also the Oz Winery and the JavOZos coffeehouse, although the latter was closed to our caffeine needs.

Eventually, we paid a visit to the Emerald City Market. It was like a very small William-Sonoma, everything was very ritzy and very over-priced. But we did find something - Wicked Sister fudge. This stuff is amazing. It is pure unadulterated, happy goodness in an edible form. I got the mint - just because it had green swirls in it and it reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West. Later I would eat way too much fudge in our hotel room, go on a massive sugar high and discuss stealing golf carts with Jessica. We thought about hot wiring them and then driving down the middle of Highway 24 a la Waterboy. Instead, we ate more fudge.

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