March 25, 2009

Roadtrip Philosophy - What is an Educated Vagabond?

I thought it was about time I explained why I call myself Kris the Educated Vagabond. I did not coin the term, it was actually coined by Bess. I have merely appropriated it as it applies to my life (and because she's much smarter and cleverer than me.)

I am a vagabond because I am an aimless traveler who never really settles down anywhere. In the last five years, I have never lived anywhere for over a year. I insisted on packing up and moving to a new part of town at the very least, although there have been two cross country moves and one international move in the mix. Most importantly - I have not been unpacked in five years. Seriously. I still have boxes in the basement I refuse to open because I'm just going to move again in a few months. I used to be able to fit everything in a couple bags, but over time and travels I have amassed a whole lot of crap I cannot bear to part with.

The educated part of my name is academic and spirtiual. I have traveled for educational opportunities around the country and the world. I have developed a love affair with the University of Edinburgh library and also amassed a couple of degrees. But it is also a desire to learn through traveling. No matter how much I read about a place, I learn more by going there and seeing for myself what is really going on. And I'm not done.

I am an educated vagabond because I'm always on the move, always looking for a new adventure, and most importantly always eager to learn more about the places I go and the people I meet.

So, are you an educated vagabond?


  1. No, I m educated and have moved within the last year... But my moves are nowhere near as frequent as yours... You're the real deal!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog Michele