June 22, 2009

Ann Sather Andersonville Restaurant - Chicago, IL

Whenever I go to Chicago, there is one and only one restaurant I must eat at - Ann Sather. It is the best breakfast/brunch restaurant in the city of Chicago and if anyone tells you otherwise then they are dirty, dirty liars.

Ann Sather is a Swedish restaurant founded over 60 years ago in Chicago, known for serving huge portions of the richest, most decadent food you have ever savored. It has four locations around the city, but I always prefer the one in Andersonville for two reasons. First, the neighborhood is known for its Swedish cultural presence so it feels right to go to a Swedish restaurant in that atmosphere. Second, it is MY Ann Sather. I lived in Andersonville and still feel like it is my restaurant in my neighborhood, even if I did move away a year ago.

On my first afternoon in the city, we decided to enjoy a late brunch/early lunch with a trip to the best Ann Sather in the city - my Ann Sather. Normally it would be impossible to decide what to eat - if you are ever in Chicago, I recommend multiple meals there so you can appreciate the full range of their menu. There are real Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries, French Toast, Omelets, etc. and all of massive proportions. Seriously, I have never seen someone actually finish a meal at Ann Sather.

Anna and I settled on the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict (which were amazing!) but there is one item you simply must order if you eat at Ann Sather - the cinnamon rolls. They are the greatest cinnamon rolls ever tasted, ever baked, ever conceived of being baked! Two are in an order and each one is bigger than my fist. Order them as a meal, as a side, a la carte - whatever! Just make sure you taste the greatest cinammon roll you will ever have at Ann Sather Andersonville Restaurant in Chicago.



  1. I remember many a great breakfast enjoyed at Ann Sather's.... a classic Chicago eatery. Found you on BlogCatalog!
    Do drop by for a visit, Alice
    aka BayAreaTendrils Garden Travel http://BayAreaTendrils.blogspot.com

  2. Sounds delicious!

    By the way, your guest post will be up on May's Machete tomorrow! ^__^