June 24, 2009

Guest Post at May's Machete

Today, I am guest posting on May's Machete! Read my post "Traveling America in Absence of American Values," where I discuss my philosophy of cultural relativism when it comes to being an educated vagabond traveling the country.

For those unfamiliar with May's Machete, it is written by the beautiful and brilliant May who shares her thoughts on the world and her personal life. (Fair warning: While my post doesn't contain anything naughty, some of May's posts do and are for adult audiences. You have been warned.) In her own words, she is "a feminist, geek, book-nerd, bisexual, ex-Baptist, pagan, vegetarian, Kansas City-raised cutie pie who's almost too darn smart for her own good." In my words she is a geeky goddess who deigns to bless us with her wisdom through the interwebs.

So after you read my guest post on May's Machete, stick around if you are eighteen years old or over to read the brilliance that is May!


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