March 8, 2011

Nomads - Lawrence, KS

When the weather is nice, I enjoy wandering down Massachusetts Street in Lawrence. It is a great way to spend an afternoon. You can enjoy the history of the town, with markers all over the street telling the stories behind the buildings and their survival of tragedies like Quantrill's Raid. There is also plenty of shopping to do. For travelers like me, there is one store I always stop in - Nomads. Nomads is a locally-owned travel store that offers both major brands and small brands that you won't find anywhere else. The selection is also exclusive. They never order more six items of each piece and don't re-order, so once it's gone then it's gone for good.

For the travel fashionista, they offer a great selection of clothing and shoes. They are comfortable and versatile but also stylish so you won't be embarrassed wandering around the couture streets of Paris or rural America. For those in need of stylish accessories, there is a wide selection of jewelry and scarves.

I usually tend to go just to look at the different backpacks and other luggage options. I'm always looking for a lightweight, but affordable, backpack that is large enough to carry everything I need for at least a week but small enough to bring as a carry-on on a plane. A tall order, I know, which is probably why I haven't found one yet. But I know if and when I find this mystical backpack, it will most likely be at Nomads. They understand the needs of a traveler and strive to meet them. Every conceivable packing device you need is available at this store. Need a money belt? They have all different styles, colors and materials. Need a purse or messenger bag? They have a unique and wide variety of options that will make you wonder why anyone would go to a department store for a bag.

I know this sounds a bit like an advertisement (it's not, I wish Nomads would give me store credit for raving about them but a girl can only dream). But I know there are other travelers like me who are always looking for a place to buy their travel necessities from a local and independent store, without destroying their travel budget in the process. So if you're in Lawrence or just passing through, stop by Nomads when you're on your stroll on Massachusetts Street.

Total Time Traveled: 20 minutes
Total Distance Traveled: 6 miles
Soundtrack: "More Adventurous" Rilo Kiley



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  2. I am just back from a trip to Lawrence, where my sister now lives with her fiance. I absolutely love my finds from Nomads! From the bags to jewelry peices there, everything was so unique. Can't wait to go back.